Case Study: Greyfields As an Emerging Smart Growth Opportunity With the Potential for Added Synergies Through a Unique Mix of Uses

  • June 19, 2002
  • • Written by: David C. Bucher

Summer 2002, Vol 27, No 2

Abstract: Greyfields are failing regional and super regional malls located in inner city and first-ring suburbs. Mixed-use rede-velopment on these sites has the potential to benefit local and regional communities as well as provide for sustainable, long-term, economic returns to investors. The proposed design concept incorporates green design with a unique mix of uses that includes an educational component. The green design and the mix of uses combine to create synergies that translate into a higher capture of the target market—the X and Y generations of immigrants and minorities; create a 24-hour hybrid sub city; utilize in-place public services and infrastructure while increasing tax revenues; and provide on-site necessity retail and services as well as educational and civic facilities by which residents can increase personal income and their quality of life. This redevelopment concept, although not found in the market today in entirety, is a combination of strategies currently being utilized in various locations and product types.