Giving Back/ Public Service Interest Group Opt-In

Counselors are involved in “giving back” in many ways. The Giving Back Task Force (GBTF) aims to enhance Counselors’ public service efforts and expand opportunities for Counselors to collaborate around these public service activities. We invite you to opt in to join a public service interest group. This group will create a forum for members with a common interest to share information, tap each other’s experience, and collaborate on public service initiatives within that arena. You may identify an area in which you have background and experience or wish to deepen your knowledge and involvement.

By opting in, you agree to receive emails from the group. You are also encouraged to participate in group calls, share updates or case studies of your relevant work, surface priority issues and solutions, and partner with others on particular initiatives. You determine the depth of your involvement. In short, these interest groups will connect you with other Counselors who share an interest in one of the below issue areas.