Revisiting Residential Brokerage Fees in a More Technologically Advanced World

Volume 45, Number 2 January 25, 2021 By Norman G. Miller, Ph.D. Photo: MIND AND I/ Introduction Anyone following the housing market understands that inventories of existing homes have continued to shrink, time on the market has never been faster, and often reasonably priced homes sell in one day. Add to this a huge reduction […]

  • Norman G. Miller, Ph.D.,

Seattle Housing: A Case Study in Crisis Creation

Volume 45, Number 1 January 8, 2021 By Ethan Blevins Photo: Cascade Creatives/ Kelly Lyles is a member of a dying breed: the mom-and-pop Seattle landlord. Her kind has become the target of an increasingly radical city council that has slammed the rental housing industry with a barrage of new-fangled policies over the last five […]

  • Ethan Blevins

Managing Climate Change-Related Risks in Global Real Estate

Volume 44, Number 23 December 21, 2020 By Hans J. Vrensen, CRE, Dr. Dennis Schoenmaker, Dr. Sven Bienert, and Julia Wein February 2020: Flooding from Storm Ciara in York, UK. Photo: M Barratt/ The CRREM project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement no. 785058. In […]

Building Blocks of the Future

FEATURE Our Story: How My Company Developed Modular Construction with Recycled Shipping Containers is Advancing Solutions to the Affordable Housing Crisis and Environmental Sustainability Volume 44, Number 22 December 8, 2020 By Paul Galvin Photo: Hindrik Johannes de Groot/ We constantly see headlines announcing this punishing housing affordability crisis – that the younger generation cannot […]

  • Paul Galvin

America’s Sordid History of Exclusionary Zoning

Volume 44, Number 21 November 20, 2020 By James Burling Photo: Brandon Bourdages/ In the summer of 1910, a successful Yale-educated attorney named George W.F. McMechen and his schoolteacher wife moved to an upscale neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. After all, McMechen had achieved the American dream; he and his wife were well-respected, affluent professionals, and […]

  • James Burling

Had Enough ‘Disruption’ Yet? Economic Reflections After the (First) Summer of COVID-19

FEATURE Volume 44, Number 20 November 9, 2020 By Hugh F. Kelly, Ph.D., CRE Photo: zimmytws/ It is now nearly a quarter-century since the adjective ‘disruptive’ gained currency as a positive value, rather than referring to its prior pejorative meaning of ‘disintegrative’ or ‘misbehaving’. The popular embrace of ‘disruption’ as an engine of forward economic […]

What’s “Still” Special About Special Purpose Property

PERSPECTIVE Volume 44, Number 19 October 9, 2020 By Ron Throupe Ph.D., CRE, MAI, FRICS; Eryn Throupe; and Jennifer (Fang) Dong, MBA Photo: CloudOnePhoto/ Introduction After fielding comments and inquiries on special purpose property definitions and refinements based on the original article “What’s so Special About Special Purpose Property?”1 It is clear that further explanation […]

How American Cities Can Benefit from “Land Value Capture” Instruments in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

FEATURE Volume 44, Number 18 September 25, 2020 By Olga Kaganova, Ph.D. Photo: Josemaria Toscano/ Why Now? The financial pressure cities are experiencing due to COVID-19 only amplifies the pre-existing historical underinvestment in municipal infrastructure and adds urgency to cities’ search for new sources of funding. Indeed, underinvestment in building new municipal infrastructure and replacing […]

  • Olga Kaganova, Ph.D.

Mind the Gaps

PERSPECTIVE COLUMN Volume 44, Number 17 September 22, 2020 By Mario Lefebvre, CRE Photo: MJgraphics/ The two issues brought forward by this column may not sound much like urgent real estate issues, but they are and if the industry does not mind them, it may miss out on important implications. The two issues are the […]

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