Caution! Not All House Prices Have Declined

Summer 2008 Vol 33, No. 2 features Abstract: The headlines scream it’s so every day, but housing prices may not be declining in the numbers and at the rate that most people believe.Many of the databases that are mined for housing statistics contain “dirty data” that doesn’t reflect the true numbers. A closer look at the […]

Deflation Risk in Income-Property Investments and Permanent Loan Portfolios: A 2008 Update

Spring 2008 Vol. 33, No. 1 Abstract: In this updated article (originally published in Real Estate Issues, Summer 2003), the author suggests that in recent years, the CMBS markets created a “hustle and flow” income property loan production environment that encouraged aggressive loan underwriting standards and helped to inflate valuations of income properties—all of this leading […]

Leadership Roundtable: Real Estate Issues: An Assessment and Outlook

Volume 33, Number 1 Spring 2008 Panelists: RAYMOND G. TORTO Ph.D., CRE Principal and Chief Strategist CB Richard Ellis – Torto Wheaton Research Boston, Mass. KENNETH P. RIGGS, JR., CRE President and CEO Real Estate Research Corp. Chicago, Ill. ALAN C. BILLINGSLEY, CRE Head of Research, North America RREEF San Francisco, Calif. Moderator: PETER C. […]

How Major Hurricanes Impact Housing Prices and Transaction Volume

Spring 2008 Vol. 33, No. 1 features Abstract: This study investigates the near-term effects of hurricanes on residential real estate. Specifically, the authors examine changes in sales price and transaction volume in U.S. Zip Codes directly hit by major hurricanes between August 2004 and October 2005. Evidence suggests changes in home prices and transaction volume in […]

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    Eli Beracha, Ph.D.
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    Robert S. Prati, Ph.D. 

Rebuilding After Katrina: An Owner’s Perspective Two Years Later

· Spring 2008 Vol. 33, No. 1 Abstract: This article examines the process of rebuilding a 360,000- square-foot commercial portfolio in Greater New Orleans post- Katrina, from securing the properties post-devastation to reconstruction and lease-up. The review focuses on the shift in skills and resources needed to work with contractors, tenants, mortgage holders, insurers, property management, and […]

Home Price Indices Futures

Spring 2008 Vol. 33, No. 1 Abstract: This article analyzes the potential use of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) housing futures for hedging, arbitrage and speculative purposes. We argue that because of the lack of volume in listed contracts, CME housing futures are not likely to attract hedgers, arbitragers or speculators. However, CME housing futures can […]

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    Damir Tokic, Ph.D.
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    Stijepko Tokic, J.D. 

Seizure in the Capital Markets and Its Impact on Washington’s Investment-Grade Office Building Deal Volume

Spring 2008 Vol. 33, No. 1 Abstract: The impact of defaults in the residential subprime mortgage loan market has leeched into global credit markets. Market makers from New York to Los Angeles pooled these and other rated collateralized debt obligations into highly complex investment securities and sold them to Wall Street investors (both individuals and firms). […]

Conservation Easements: Windfall or Straightjacket?

Fall 2007, Vol. 32, No. 2 Abstract: Urban sprawl is leading to the development of millions of acres of open space, farms and forest land each year in the United States. There is a growing effort to combat loss of so much green space, and the conservation easement is one such tool being used. In […]

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    James D. Timmons
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    Lara Daniel 

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