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2019 Annual Convention – Nashville

Date & Time November 6, 2019 - November 9, 2019
Venue Hilton Downtown Nashville 121 4th Avenue South Nashville , TN 37201 United States

Schedule of Events

NOTE: Times, topics, and committee meeting schedule subject to change.

Wednesday, November 6

Noon – 3:45P

Development Tour: Franklin on Foot!

A walking tour with lunch

Tour Guide: Margie Thessin, Founder, Franklin on Foot, Author

Just 14 miles from Nashville, you’ll find Franklin – an oasis of Southern hospitality housed in a 16-block historic district of award-winning antique shops, brick-and-mortar gift and book stores, fashion-forward boutiques, privately-owned art galleries, lovingly restored homes and more. First, enjoy lunch at Gray’s on Main. Located in one of the most historic buildings in downtown Franklin, Gray’s places a modern flourish on Southern culinary traditions. Afterward, your Tour Guide, Margie, will lead you on a walking tour of Franklin and explain how it transitioned from a sleepy, run-down Southern town to the hot corporate, tourist, and relocation destination it has become today.

1:00P – 4:00P

Development Tour: Loop Around Nashville†

A walking and bus tour

Tour Guides: Melissa Alexander, Vice President, Foundry Commercial; Elam Freeman, Affiliate Broker, Baker Storey McDonald Properties; and Bert Mathews, Executive Vice President & Partner, Colliers

Greater Nashville’s building boom is on the move! Downtown has benefited from exceptional public and private investment in the past decade. You will hear about projects delivered over the past few years, those currently under construction, and those planned for the future. Hot spots of development include: Broadway Corridor, The Gulch, Nashville Yards, WeHo, the new Fairgrounds soccer stadium, East Nashville, North Nashville, Germantown, and River North.


Giving Back/Disaster Response Task Force


Welcome Reception†

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Kick off the convention at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, one of the city’s most-visited cultural attractions, located across from the Hilton hotel. With two expansive floors of gallery space featuring permanent and limited-engagement exhibits – from bluegrass hero Bill Monroe’s mandolin to Dolly Parton’s original “Jolene” manuscript. Join fellow CREs and guests for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in this historic venue. You will also have an opportunity to tour the Museum during the reception.

Thursday, November 7

7:15A-8:00A Opening Breakfast
8:00A-8:30A Welcome Address

Julie Melander, CRE, 2019 Chair of the Board

Presentation of the Chair’s Award for Group Service

Welcome to Nashville

Introduction: Ralph J. Schulz, Jr., President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Speaker: Mark Ezell, Commissioner, Department of Tourist Development


Property as a Service: A New Era for Business

Speaker: Marcus Rayner, Vice Chairman, New York Region, Colliers International

Introduction: Julie Melander, CRE, 2019 Chair of the Board

As tenants become increasingly sophisticated in identifying their real estate needs, users are demanding more from their premises and, hence, their landlords. The growth of flexible workspace, coupled with tenant demand to balance cost and efficiency with collaboration and productivity, are driving the concept of property as a service. The notion of work is shifting to encompass the total “user experience,” be it through physical workspace, apps and amenities, or the wider environment.

Starting from a foundation of economic and real estate fundamentals and their outlook, and including real world examples of company real estate strategy, Marcus will examine the implications of this new paradigm for landlords, developers, and investors.


Whether It’s Local or Global – Market Influences on Real Estate

Speakers: Leo Civelli, CRE, Chairman REAG Europe, Duff & Phelps REAG; Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief, SupChina and Co-Host, Sinica Podcast; and Arthur Mirante II, Principal, Tri-State President, Avison Young

Moderator: Mario Lefebvre, CRE, Vice President, Research-Global Real Estate Markets, Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc.

Whether you do real estate at the local level or globally, the fundamental analysis remains the same. True, at the global level, you must incorporate additional risks such as currency and geopolitics, but it essentially remains real estate and the market fundamentals are quite similar.  And how is the current behavior of capital funds affecting markets?

A not-to-be-missed discussion.


Mega Projects and Development Strategies: Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain (DBFOM)

Speakers: Orion Fulton, CRE, Senior Manager, Arup; Geoffrey Stricker, Senior Managing Director, Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate; and JP Towner, Managing Director, Pomerleau Capital Inc. and Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Pomerleau, Inc.

Moderator: Marilee Utter, CRE, President, Citiventure Associates, LLC

DBFOM P3s are common in Canada, UK, and other countries, but the U.S. has been slow to adopt them. Why? POLITICS, lack of understanding, POLITICS, lack of national standards, and POLITICS. DBFOMs are a major trend for infrastructure financing, particularly when a real estate development component is involved. These delivery systems are being used by local governments, universities, hospitals, and other institutions to build their facilities faster, more efficiently, and with less risk than traditional approaches. P3s are a globally powerful, exciting opportunity we are increasingly seeing in institutional real estate as well as other types of infrastructure. CREs need to know about DBFOMs as a key tool to harness private funds for repair of the current (crumbling) infrastructure, as well as new construction. An important development strategy, this is the future of how cities will be built in years to come.


The Opportunities of Growth and Constraints of Congestion

Speakers: Roger Baum, Vice President, Public-Private Partnerships, CORE Construction; Mark Deutschmann, Founder and Chair Emeritus, Village Real Estate and President, CORE Development; Bert Mathews, Executive Vice President & Partner, Colliers; and Tom Turner, President and CEO, Nashville Downtown Partnership

Moderator: Terrence Llewellyn, Principal, Llewellyn Development

What’s driving Nashville’s extraordinary growth? Rapid growth provides opportunities, but also comes with challenges. Local leaders made smart decisions like merging the city and county government in the 1960s, allowing Nashville and its suburbs to work together rather than at cross-purposes. And in the 1990s, when many downtowns across the country were struggling, Nashville was building. Join local developers for a lively discussion of how they revitalized areas of Nashville with an eclectic array of appealing new projects – and the challenges and opportunities inherent in transitioning from a town to a city in 3 decades.


Spouse/Guest Event

Details here.


Ethics Committee meeting *


Welcome Luncheon

Introduction of New Members

Michel Couillard, CRE, First Liaison Vice Chair of the CRE Board


Past Chairs’ Luncheon *


The Limitations of Big Data/AI in Commercial Real Estate

Speakers:  Jules (Jay) Marling IV, CRE, CEO and Managing Principal, Capright and Michael McElveen, CRE, President, Urban Economics, Inc.

Moderator: Noah Shlaes, CRE, President, Shlaes & Co.

The theme of the 2011 movie Moneyball has fueled countless Big Data initiatives. At first glance, the commercial real estate industry appears ripe for just this kind of innovation. After all, adoption of tech solutions for commercial real estate has been notably slow, data is decentralized, and real estate professionals still largely rely on versions of the same tools and methodologies in use 20 years ago.

A more honest look reveals that the application of Big Data principles in commercial real estate has massive limitations.  Or does it? This will be a lively point-counterpoint discussion. How useful are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in commercial real estate?  Are these tools transforming the way business is done in our industry or are they overrated?  Demand for human capital in commercial real estate is still strong, but what does the future look like?


Budget and Finance Committee meeting *


The Impact of Higher Education on Real Estate Assets: Mergers, consolidations, closings and expansions

Speakers: William Cromwell, CRE, Director of Real Estate Asset Management, UVA Foundation; Margaret Emley, Director, Real Estate, Vanderbilt University; Scott Levitan, President & CEO, Research Triangle Foundation; Valerie Pontiff, CRE, Managing Partner, Mohr Partners

Moderator: Anthony DellaPelle, Esq., CRE, Partner/Shareholder, McKirdy, Riskin, Olson & DellaPelle, P.C.

Mergers, consolidations, closings and expansions are how colleges and universities are strategically managing their real estate to meet changing demographic and funding challenges.

What were the critical issues they faced and the solutions they realized?  These panelists have real-world experiences they will share with you.


Consulting Corps Steering Committee meeting


Invitation Advisory Committee meeting*


Membership Development Committee meeting


CRE Celebratory Dinner: Acme Feed & Seed

Housed in a national treasure built in 1890 and located in the heart of Nashville, the Acme Feed & Seed (don’t let the name fool you!!) has a uniquely ‘Nashville’ atmosphere that honors the unparalleled character of the city’s past, present, and future. The third floor is home to The Hatchery at Acme, and provides unparalleled character, historic charm, and glorious views of Nashville.

We will celebrate The Counselor organization and thank 2019 Chair Julie Melander for her contributions during the year. In addition, we will welcome 2020 Chair Michel Couillard and his wife, Margaret.

And – best of all – enjoy and dance to music of the Nashville band – Chapel Park! Unlike most bands out there, Chapel Park plays every “style on the dial,” keeping you on the dance floor and never wanting to leave! ACME – It’s where the Locals go!

9:30P-11:30P Chair’s Hospitality

Stop by iL Mulino’s beautiful outdoor bar space for conversation, fun, and  complimentary after-dinner drinks.

Registered CREs, spouses, and guests are invited.

Friday, November 8


The Counselors of Real Estate Foundation meeting *


Business Issues Forums

There are five Business Issues Forums to choose from. 

I. Crossing Borders. Building Business: International Real Estate Issues and CREs Working Together Globally

Discussion Leaders: Ralf-Peter Koschny, CRE, Member, Directory Board, Bulwiengesa AG and Robert Griswold, CRE, President, Griswold Real Estate Management, Inc.

While technology is making the world smaller, opportunities to build cross-border collaboration and partnerships with fellow CREs are expanding. Counselors conduct business in nearly 20 countries and territories. How can you join them to build your business one cross-continental partnership at a time?

II. Emerging Housing Trends

Discussion Leaders: John Hunt, Principal of MarketNsight, President of ViaSearch and Jeanette Rice, CRE, Americas Head of Multifamily Research, CBRE

While affordable housing is central to the discussion, the range of population facing difficulties in securing an appropriate place to live extends from those who are homeless to Millennials and Gen Zs.  Apartment rents have soared in thriving cities. Liquidity of the housing market has been compromised by the difficulty Baby Boomers face in finding buyers for their homes. The underlying causes can be found both on the supply and demand side of the housing equation.

III. Practical Applications of Opportunity Zones (OZ) and CRE Collaboration

Discussion Leaders: Shawn Bailes, Principal, FMBC Investments; Teya Moore, Esq., CRE, Managing Partner, BBRE; and Robert Nahigian, CRE, Principal, Auburndale Realty Company

Why are Opportunity Zones (OZ) the new, hot thing in real estate? And how can you tap into the Counselor pool of expertise and collaborate on OZ projects? You’ll hear from local experts on dealing with and overcoming potential grass roots issues associated with these specially-designated areas. This Forum will explore OZ regulations, PPPs, the multiple disciplines needed to succeed, and how Counselors can join forces to create opportunities for themselves and their companies.

IV. SALT: A Discussion about State and Local Tax Issues

Discussion Leaders: Todd Jones, CRE, Principal, RealAdvice and Anne Joyner Sheehan, CRE, President & CEO, Real Property Tax Advisors

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has prompted expectations that changes in the deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT) will benefit states with low SALT levels and disadvantage states with a relatively high SALT burdens. Prior to enactment of the new federal tax law, this issue was masked in several states. The true cost of state and local government is only now being realized by many taxpayers, due to the $10,000 deduction limitation. For real estate, the direction of job movement and capital flows could be affected, especially if the argument that low costs, especially low taxes, as a primary motivating factor turns out to be persuasive.

V. The Impacts of Sustainability on Future Profits & Survival

Discussion Leaders: Deborah Cloutier, CRE, President & Founder, RE Tech Advisors, Inc. and Theddi Wright Chappell, CRE, CEO, Sustainable Values, Inc.

There is a link between sustainability, financial performance, and environmental performance. Participants in this Business Issues Forum will discuss a number of issues: insurance impacts; climate change risk assessments; appraisal/valuation; technology disruption; alternative financing; and ESG lending policies. How are these factors influencing real estate?  Attendees will be provided tools and resources to delve deeper into the topics discussed.


Strategic Planning Open Forum*

All Counselors encouraged to attend

Discussion Leaders: Harrison Coerver, President, Harrison Coerver & Associates and Gregory Ibbetson, CRE, Owner, Broker, Ibbetson Commercial Real Estate Services and 2019 Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Where is The Counselors of Real Estate headed and is that direction the “right” direction? What are our organizational strengths? What are our weaknesses? What challenges do we face?  What should the Counselors become in 2020 and beyond? What role should it play? How can The Counselors remain relevant to its membership and the industry public?

Share your views. Speak your mind. Be part of the conversation as The Counselors of Real Estate charts its course for the future in developing a new five-year Strategic Plan for the organization.

Harrison Coerver, a prolific, independent facilitator specializing in non-profit organizations and Greg Ibbetson, CRE, the 2019 Chair of the CRE Strategic Planning Committee, will lead this “no holds barred” discussion addressing not only The Counselors of Real Estate as an organization, but the professional role of Counselors in a rapidly evolving industry and fluid world dynamic. Speak Up. Weigh In. Tell It Like It Is. Now’s your chance.


Development Tours

Ticketed for spouses/guests; part of the business attendees’ registration

I. Explore the Gulch

Tour Guides: Crews Johnston III, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield; Eric Klotz, Principal, ESa; and Dirk Melton, Development Director, MarketStreet Enterprises

The Gulch, a former rail yard and industrial district, has been transformed into a dynamic area of urban development and redevelopment. Enjoy a trolley ride over to this neighborhood and experience a presentation by well-known local developers. Then ride the trolley or stroll the neighborhood before heading back to the Awards Luncheon.

II. Music Row: The Soundtrack of America

Tour Guide: Mark McDonald, Partner, Oldacre McDonald

Home to record label offices, radio stations, and recording studios, Music Row is at the heart of Nashville’s country music industry. Walk in the footsteps of music legends and stand in studios echoing the hits of yesterday, while anticipating the stars of tomorrow. A veteran Nashville-based investor and developer, Mark has been on a real estate acquisition tear of late, having acquired multiple properties in this area. Join Mark on the exploration of Nashville’s Music Row and the 12th South.

III. Nashville Yards

Tour Guides: TBD

When entering downtown Nashville, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the 100 ft. crane towering over a massive hole in the earth, where a swarm of bulldozers and construction workers lay the foundation of a sprawling $1 billion redevelopment. Learn how major site challenges were handled and hear about the urban structure, phasing, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships that support these mega projects.

IV. Wedgewood-Houston (WeHo)

Tour Guides: Shawn Bailes, Principal, FMBC Investments; Kent Campbell, Developer, CORE Development; and Mark Deutschmann, Founder/Chair Emeritus, Village Real Estate; President, CORE Development

Up-and-coming WeHo is a bustling art hub, with former factories converted into art spaces and studios. Once an industrial area, WeHo is now an emerging neighborhood with local businesses, retail establishments, galleries, and restaurants opening at a rapid pace. The proximity to downtown, relatively affordable rents and real estate prices, have attracted artists, musicians. and entrepreneurs to open restaurants, distilleries, breweries, galleries, and studios. Local developers will also showcase the alternative construction techniques used in many of the WeHo developments.


Member Lunch

Presentation of the James D. Landauer/John R. White Award and the CRE Committee Service Award


The Future of Healthcare in Real Estate

Speakers: Clare Duan, VP and Director of Acquisitions, Senior Resource Group (SRG); Greg Gheen, CRE, President, Realty Trust Group, LLC; Kimberly Lamb, Senior Vice President of Operations, Lincoln Harris Healthcare Group; and Scott Selig, Associate Vice President, Duke University

Moderator: David Lynn, Ph.D., CRE, Real Estate Consultant

What are the newest trends in the healthcare industry – the effect of facility mergers and consolidations, and the greater need for assisted living, senior housing, and a whole new set of real estate transactions?   Has more extensive and powerful healthcare technology enabled the growth of outpatient healthcare? As technology transforms the healthcare industry, it is altering the real estate needs of providers.

How has healthcare real estate benefited from surging demand?  How will operator cost concerns affect medical real estate? What future trends are on the horizon over the next five years?


How Data is Changing our Business

Speakers: James Costello, CRE, Senior Vice President, Real Capital Analytics and Jan Freitag, Senior Vice President, Lodging Insights, STR

Moderator: Jeanette Rice, CRE, Americas Head of Multifamily Research, CBRE

Yesterday, you heard the debate about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and their effect on commercial real estate. This session’s discussion revolves around how Big Data is actually used.

Historically, many real estate firms have long made decisions based on a combination of intuition and traditional, retrospective data. Today, a host of new variables make it possible to paint more vivid pictures of a location’s future risks and opportunities. Both panelists provide timely and reliable transaction data offering unique perspective on market pricing, capital flows, and investment trends. How can these analyses be used in your business to benefit your clients?


The Secrets of Nashville and the City’s Growth

Speaker: Colin Reed, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.

Moderator: James Olin, CRE, CEO, C2G Advisors LLC

Selling Nashville is Colin Reed’s business. Colin has done more to drive tourism and promote Music City around the world than probably anyone else. He leads a company that owns many of Music City’s icons, including Ryman Auditorium, the Grand Ole Opry, and Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. His company also conceived, pitched, and co-produced the country music drama “Nashville,” which became a primetime billboard for the city. Colin acknowledges the problems associated with such exponential growth: transportation, affordable housing, and, to a large extent, education. And these are all things high on the mayor’s agenda. This one-on-one interview will give attendees a real behind-the-scenes look at the development and promotion of Nashville.


Chapter Activities Committee meeting


Real Estate Issues Editorial Board meeting


New Member Reception*


Farewell Reception

Take this opportunity to informally connect one more time with fellow attendees at our headquarter hotel, the Hilton Nashville Downtown.   Enjoy complimentary pre-dinner cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and excellent company before you embark on your evening plans. A recommended restaurant guide is in your registration packet.


Chair’s Hospitality

Stop by iL Mulino’s beautiful outdoor bar space for conversation, fun, and complimentary after-dinner drinks.

Registered CREs, spouses, and guests are invited.

Saturday, November 9

8:00A-9:30A Buffet Breakfast

Executive Committee*


2019 Board of Directors Meeting

Open to all CRE Members


Annual Membership Meeting

Open to all CRE Members

1:00P- Buffet Lunch

† ticketed event * closed event