External Affairs Alert – Housing

CRE Members: Are Risks and Opportunities in Housing among the issues or trends we should consider for the 2017-2018 CRE Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate? We Need Your Feedback! Is it something you feel is important to the industry? What do you see as the implications? Drawn from a brief recently published by Calculated […]

External Affairs Alert – Office Amenities

This is the first External Affairs Alert for 2017. Each Alert will ask you, the CRE membership, to offer your opinions, feedback and thought leadership on a real estate issue or trend. Some are significant and may be included in the CRE® Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate this year. We want to hear from […]

The CRE 2016-2017 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The Changing Global Economy, Debt Capital Market Retrenchment, and Demographic Shifts Lead the New List of The CRE 2016-17 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate   The CRE 2016-17 Top Ten issues Affecting Real Estate 1. The Changing Global Economy The IMF has revised GDP growth downward for much of the globe in 2016-17, as economic […]

External Affairs Alert – June 2015 – The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate: Demographic Shifts Excess Capital Supply Rising Interest Rates Global Instability and Currency Devaluation Urbanization Energy The Gap Between Rich and Poor Infrastructure Real Estate Technology and Crowdfunding The Changing Retail Model Descriptions of each of the 2015-16 Top Ten Issues: Demographic Shifts: Two key groups – […]

External Affairs Alert – August 2014 – Energy and Real Estate

Context For most of the last 40 years, the mention of “energy” and “real estate” in the same sentence evoked discussion of conservation and efficiency. Today, generation and transmission of power are coming to be viewed as critical real estate intensive activities. How we fuel electric power creation is coming to affect all facets of […]

External Affairs Alert – June 2014 – The CRE 2014 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

Energy, jobs, and the far-reaching influence of the Millennial generation are the issues that will have the most significant impact on real estate both near-and long-term, according to The Counselors of Real Estate® organization. The CRE Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate, developed annually by The Counselors of Real Estate External Affairs Committee, considers independent […]

External Affairs Alert – February 2014 – Professional Practice Perspective

FASB-IASB Lease Accounting Saga Moves Into a Fourth Year The US Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) and the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) have been working together on a Lease Accounting project since late 2009/early 2010. The original proposal was released in August 2010 and created significant controversy in the real estate community. After multiple […]

External Affairs Alert – Public-Private Partnerships Perspective – June 2013

Overview State and local budget constraints and the continuing priority of job creation have created a tumultuous environment for public private partnerships, generating a host of issues and opportunities. These fall principally in the areas of community development and “city-building,” the traditional realm of our professional involvement. The emerging “P-3” of private development, ownership, and […]

The CRE 2013 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate – June 2013

The Counselors of Real Estate Top Ten Issues in 2013   The growing integration of global and local economies, rising economic and political uncertainty, and the need for thoughtful analysis of industry trends inspired The Counselors of Real Estate to initiate its first annual Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate report in July 2012. The […]

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